Ready-to-use blends

Our research and development team has created ready-made mixes and blends that help solve the challenges you’re facing—whether you need better consistency, better taste or added nutrition.

Our products include:
- Keto friendly flour blends and mixes
- Gluten free blends
- Grain and seed blends
- Pizza mixes

Use our blends to create:
- Bagels, english muffins and pitas
- Biscuits, buns and rolls
- Cookies and muffins
- Crackers
- Pizzas and flatbreads
- Tortillas
- Wheat bread, white bread and seeded breads
- Gluten free breads and baking
- Gluten free cookie and snack bars
- Gluten free pizzas and flatbreads
- Gluten free pasta
- Gluten free tortilla
- Gluten free whole grain batters and breads

Product details
- Sizes: 50 lb. bags, super sack totes


Let's get started

Results will vary based on manufacturer’s application. Any carb, “net” carb, keto, or any other claim is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

Product availability subject to change and may be dependent on volumes. Contact your Ardent Mills representative for the most up-to-date information.