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What the world needs now

At Ardent Mills, everything we do begins with a kernel of intent, and a desire to make a genuine impact. Working with farmers every day, we see how agriculture plays a critical role in impacting climate change. That’s why we’re investing in the next generation of farming to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the health of our crops, soil and environment.

Together, we can support farming practices to help protect and improve the land for future use through regenerative agriculture.

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How we see regenerative agriculture

Our regenerative agriculture vision is to create a more sustainable future for crop production by ensuring highly productive and profitable farmland, improving soil health and conserving water.

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We focus on regenerative agriculture through a farming program that helps increase:


An overview of our program

How our program works
We help you sponsor acres of land that use regenerative, continuous use practices and share the opportunity to connect with farmers.

Direct connection with farmers
We’re able to provide recommendations to give farmers the strongest chance for success in implementing regenerative agriculture practices.

Evidence-based approach
Using first-hand data and feedback, our experts advance continuous improvement and pursue comprehensive impact analysis.

Educational resources
Our experts are here to help facilitate in-depth dialogue about regenerative agriculture between you and your customers.

Meaningful benefits
You’ll help support a more resilient crop and reliable supply chain, contribute toward your sustainability goals and secure the opportunity for sustainable storytelling.

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What to expect from our program


Why regenerative agriculture matters to food companies



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