Commercial Bakers

Delivering the best bakery products on a large scale requires consistency, versatility and reliability. Ardent Mills has the resources, capabilities and technical services commercial bakers need to develop and deliver a perfect product that meets their unique standards, day after day. Additionally, with more than 35 mills and facilities that span North America, Ardent Mills can provide a steady supply of flours and grains regardless of environmental factors and changes to annual harvests. Plus, if a product isn’t baking correctly, or there is a problem on the line, our technical service team can help troubleshoot on-site.

Ardent Mills also works with commercial bakers to reach consumers who are looking for a thoughtful approach to bakery products. From helping source custom and unique grains to providing insights on how to tell the story of the goodness of grain, simple ingredients and sustainable milling practices, Ardent Mills can face every baker’s challenge. We can even connect them to organic farms. No matter the need, commercial bakers can count on Ardent Mills for top-quality ingredients and innovation.

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