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Let’s partner to protect our planet

Sustainability matters – to Ardent Mills, to our customers, and to your consumers. As stewards of our planet, we take our responsibility to nourish the world seriously. By working together with intention to create supply chain and ingredient solutions that consider growers, communities, products, and the environment, we can partner to help impact a brighter future where everyone can grow, sustainably.

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Attract consumers with your sustainability strategy

Consumers want to align with brands that share their commitment to sustainability. Our team can help you consider sustainability initiatives and practices that reflect what matters most to consumers, as well as what can be achievable for your organization.

We look at insights from all points of view – consumers, customers, broader industry and regulatory bodies – to give you a well-rounded perspective and help you understand what’s next in sustainability. Learn more about our insights team and how we can help.

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Innovate with ingredients that are sustainably grown

Ardent Mills is always investing in new grains and pulses that can support your sustainability strategy. And, our growing network of innovation centers is uniquely positioned to help you innovate new products or reformulate your current portfolio to take advantage of opportunities to leverage ingredients grown using sustainable farming practices. Our Purpose-Powered Innovation™ puts your sustainability challenges at the center, while maintaining our commitment to helping you create the product solutions you need to succeed on shelf.

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Reach your goals with a supplier committed to sustainability in our own business

At Ardent Mills, we are committed to sustainability within our own operations. You can be confident you’re partnering with a supplier focused on nourishing the planet and stewarding it toward a better future.


Here’s a look at our commitments to sustainability now and in the future:

1) Enroll one million acres into our regenerative agriculture program by the end of 2025 and 2.5 million by the end of 2030.

2) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and establish a science-based target for emission reduction. We began measuring our carbon output in 2021 so that we can show progress.

3) Reduce waste by enrolling 100% of our facilities in composting and recycling diversion programs and divert 80% of waste from our network away from landfills by 2030.

4) Shift to renewable energy by utilizing 50% renewable energy2 across the organization by 2025.

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Let’s work to nourish the world together

Are you ready to talk about how we can work together to support our planet, people and communities? Let’s get started today. Download our Environmental, Social and Governance Report. Or reach out to start a conversation about impacting a healthier planet together.

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