Innovation Services

At Ardent Mills, we are passionate about the future of food, providing grain-based solutions that address the needs of tomorrow with ingredients grown today. Fulfilling our commitment to Nourishing What’s Next, our family of ingredient specialists, technical experts, bakers, and culinary mavens work together across functions to develop future solutions in grain-based ingredient offerings for our customers.

Technical Expertise

Delivering delicious, creative solutions is at the core of our business. Our Ingredients are perfect for use in snacks, breads, pizza crusts, pasta, cereals, brewing and distilling, grain bowls and many more product categories. The Ardent Mills team is committed to supporting both current and future-focused consumer trends. Supporting those needs, our R&D/Culinary experts are ready to connect with you and discuss how to best leverage our diverse portfolio of alternative grains in your distinctive applications.

Building on our team’s extensive knowledge in the milling and grain industry, we know that ingredient selection is only the first step in product development. As a customer, our Sales team along with the R&D/Culinary and Tech Services teams can help you jump start your selection process, as well as optimize your systems for formulation development, troubleshooting, and processing challenges.

Working in the lab 

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Education & Innovation Resources for Professionals

For our professional research and support teams, we have developed the Ardent Mills Innovation Center (AMIC) in Denver, Colorado. This lab space and culinary center are ideal for customers seeking to further develop application uses for our traditional and alternative grains, perfect their baking applications, and further their knowledge of our milling practices. Hands-on lessons from our chefs, technical and research experts can be arranged for professional customers and teams at the Denver AMIC, working with our multi-faceted space:

  • The Analytical Lab is where Ardent Mills' experts conduct wet chemistry and dough rheology testing to support that our customers are getting consistent flour on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Bake Lab is dedicated to assessing quality and consistency, as well as to experimenting with the baking evaluation processes. This facility offers a variety of ovens tailored to specific applications, from breads to cookies.
  • The Culinary Center and R&D Applications Lab is where our R&D Culinary team, which consists of R&D chefs and food scientists, work with customers to turn innovative concepts into prototypes and create new ingredient applications.
  • The Flour Research Room showcases our small-scale milling equipment used to get ahead of new crop transition and experiment with new grains.

The Ardent Mills team is committed to developing new solutions to the challenges our customers face in professional environments, manufacturing, and commercial baking enterprises. Our scale of product development and resources are designed with professional teams in mind. Please note that the AMIC is not intended for use by home bakers. For those baking at home, we recommend exploring the resources developed by the Home Baking Association, of which Ardent Mills is a committed partner.

R&D Culinary Support

Working with our expert team and state-of the art facilities, we can help you navigate the development process for your food products from ideation to implementation, backed by the supportive systems of our technical expertise and culinary support in our test kitchen and R&D lab. Once the product has been perfected, our team can duplicate the formula in a large-scale, commercial production facility.

 R&D Culinary Support


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