Ardent Mills is committed to helping retailers meet ever-changing consumer appetites. You can count on us to fulfill your private label demand in the baking aisle and beyond. Our nationwide network of facilities delivers the products you need, when you need them, from coast to coast. We offer an extensive portfolio and pack size options for retail private label brands across key flour and alternative grain categories. Ardent Mills is your one-stop-shop from traditional and organic baking flours to growing categories like gluten-free and quinoa. Don’t have a private label of your own? Ask us about our popular retail brand, High Altitude® Hungarian, or learn about our manufacturer’s packer label, BakeHaven. BakeHaven is ideal for retailers without a current private label but need an interim solution to provide value products to customers. Our dedicated team is ready to partner with you to provide supply assurance, food safety expertise, consumer insights and category guidance to help optimize your shelf set. Let us be your trusted supplier partner.

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