Consumer preferences and tastes are always evolving. The baking aisle is no exception.  From traditional flours to gluten-free, organic and alternative grains and flours that deliver on taste, quality, and food safety, retailers need a supplier partner who can help you optimize your shelf for consumer engagement and sales. 

Ardent Mills is committed to helping retailers meet the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer. Our comprehensive approach to retailer success addresses the issues that matter to you most.  

  • We start with category expertise and deep insights on consumer behaviors and preferences that can help shape your strategies for capturing consumer loyalty and elevating your private label brand. We’ll work with you to turn these insights into actionable steps for effective category management.

  • Then, we leverage our nationwide network of packing and warehouse facilities to deliver the packaged ingredients you need, when you need them, from coast to coast.
  • We also offer an extensive portfolio and pack size options for retail private label brands across key flour and alternative grain products. Don’t have a private label of your own? Ask us about our manufacturer’s packer label, BakeHaven. BakeHaven is ideal for retailers without a current private label that need an interim solution for providing value products.
  • This is all backed by a dedicated retail division ready to partner with you. Trained in retail strategies and best practices, we're here to help you meet your goals and capture market share.


Our team is excited to announce a new resource just for you. We’re publishing quarterly insights reports backed by data tailored to the retail market.

Download the latest retail insights report here.