Pet Food Ingredients

At Ardent Mills, we know that pet food manufacturers want the best for their customers’ companions. Ingredients that offer sustainability through regenerative agriculture, nutrition, and functionality are all top of mind (Mintel, 2022 April). We’re passionate about delivering trend-leading grain and plant-based options that can help capitalize on these interests, backed by our reliable nation-wide supply chain and technical expertise. As a new generation of pet owners emerges, we must keep up with the desire for more sustainable and nutritious pet foods without sacrificing palatability.  

NOurishing Dogs, cats and other animals

Ardent Mills’  pulse and grain-based ingredients consistently meet quality and performance expectations, largely due to our strong relationships with farmers and experts who monitor growth, harvest and supply conditions. With a variety of ingredients and an efficient nationwide network, Ardent Mills is a prime choice for pet food ingredients, when 55% of pet owners ages 18 to 54 are seeking more sustainably sources pet foods and treats (Mintel, 2022, April). Learn more about our work in sustainability

bowl filled with light-brown sorghum flour 


Pet Food Ingredient Options

  • Second Clear - A darker flour produced from hard wheat. Can be a cost-effective and good for pet treats and baked goods. 
  • Durum Second Clear - Second clear flour made from durum wheat with larger particle sizes than standard second clear flour. 
  • Quinoa - A gluten-free ancient grain that has gained a lot of popularity recently. Known as a “supergrain”. Contains protein, fiber and essential amino acids. It also requires very little water for growth. 
  • Sorghum - A gluten-free, whole, ancient grain good for baked, gluten-free pet goods. Goes well with a variety of other flavors. 
  • Wheat Germ - Higher than white flour in protein and B vitamins; one of the most nutrient dense portions of the wheat kernel.
  • Wheat Bran - Contains startch, protein and digestible fiber.
  • Chickpea Flour - Highly versatible and contains fiber; can be used for gluten-free pet foods.
  • Barley - Available in whole grains, pearled, or milled into flour.
  • Blends - A blend of bakery ingredients that can either be made into pet food and treats or sold on its own for consumers to use at home. 
  • Rye - Highly versatile, can satisfy many different flavor profiles. Good for nutritious, multigrain pet foods 
  • Wheat Middlings - Contains protein and fiber. Good for use in high-value, energy-packed pet recipes. Also comes in pellet form for more flexible shipping and storage


Ardent Mills is an optimum choice for a wide variety of nutritious pulse and plant-based pet food ingredients. We always make sure to stay in touch with societal health and wellness trends to keep manufacturers across the nation stocked up on the latest and greatest pet food ingredients. 

Are you ready to make owners and their little companions happy? Contact us today to learn more or download the latest Pet Food Ingredients Brochure.