Private Label - Alternative Flours, Grains, and Sugar

Alternative grains are on the rise. Consumers are seeking out products that they perceive to be better for them and the environment. From options ranging from gluten-free to higher protein and more, the benefits alternative grains provide are beginning to take center stage on today’s retail shelves.

Quinoa, chickpeas, and pulses are the frontrunners in the alternative grain portfolio. Known primarily for their plant protein and fiber, they deliver on the health benefits consumers are craving and are the most versatile grains available, used in a wide variety of applications and in multiple formats.

Whether you're a retailer or a brand seeking a co-manufacturer, Ardent Mills' retail experts work with our Emerging Nutrition team to help you drive growth in trending, alternative flours and grains like keto friendly flour blends, gluten-free flours and blends, chickpeas and quinoa. We’ll partner with you to integrate these new products into your shelf set, staging you for lasting success.


  • Varies based on brand

Product Varieties

  • Specialty Flour: All-Purpose Gluten-free 1-to-1 Flour Blend, All-Purpose Keto Friendly Flour Blend, Almond Flour, Buckwheat Flour, Chickpea Flour Coconut Flour, Quinoa Flour, Gluten-Free Pizza Flour Blend, Spelt Flour
  • Mixes: All-Purpose Baking Mix, All-Purpose Gluten-Free Baking Mix, Keto Friendly Baking Mix
  • Alternative Grains, Pulses and Seeds: Buckwheat Groats, Dry Chickpeas, Millet, Quinoa, Quinoa-Rice Blends
  • Sugar: Coconut Sugar




  • 12oz – 5lb Resealable Pouch (range of available sizes and weights)
  • 2 lb. Bag
  • 5 lb. Bag
  • 10 lb. Bag
  • 25 lb. Bag
  • 50 lb. Bag
* Product availability subject to change and may be dependent on volumes. Contact your Ardent Mills representative for the most up-to date information.

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