Devoted to our mission of sustainability

To help improve the future of our planet, we’re always looking for innovative ways to improve water conservation and regenerative agriculture practices, lower fertilizer usage, kickstart reduced energy initiatives and optimize fuel usage.

Our mission of sustainability includes

  • Water conservation
  • Lower fertilizer usage
  • Reduced energy initiatives
  • Optimized fuel usage

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An agricultural wonder.

Chickpeas are a nitrogen-fixing crop that can play a key role in regenerative agriculture.

Source: The Global Pulse Confederation.

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A sustainability powerhouse.

For every 1,000 acres of our Colorado quinoa planted, 366 million gallons of water are saved.

Source: Water requirements, which are taken from and, are based on the assumption that the crop rotation where quinoa would be inserted into is two-thirds potato and one-third barley and alfalfa.

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