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Chickpeas, garbanzos, pulses – no matter what you call them, these on-trend beans are packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients, ready for use across a rich variety of applications. With the addition of the Hinrichs Trading Company brand and facilities to the Ardent Mills family, your single source for chickpeas is now backed by the leaders in chickpea grower connections, cleaning, and packaging combined with the resources of Ardent Mills.

Chickpeas & Hinrichs Trading Company

Chickpeas’ heritage spans centuries, with seed cultivation dating back to the Middle East and spreading across the continents. Today, this ingredient’s demand continues to grow, appealing to a wide range of customers with its flavor, nutrition, and versatility in several cuisines. Chickpeas’ culinary applications continue to inspire chefs today, both in traditional applications as well as through contemporary dietary interests like vegan and plant-based foods.

With the addition of the Hinrichs Trading Company brand and facilities to the Ardent Mills family, your source for chickpeas is backed by five generations of expertise. Operating out of Pullman, Washington in an area fondly referred to as the “Palouse,” our team works closely with producers on some of the richest soil in the United States. Our operations have since expanded to include numerous states across the United States, producing high-quality chickpea crops year after year.


Hinrichs Trading Company – Our History & Future

From our work with local growers, to our detailed processing of chickpeas across our locations, explore how our team of experts is ready to support your business.

Our Services

We believe in the power of chickpeas, from the start of the planting season to their final applications in delicious foods. Supporting those interests across our business, we have aligned our services with a full spectrum of support from seed preparation to delivery.

Integrating the full spectrum of the chickpea supply chain, our local teams in Washington and Montana are committed to providing premium quality chickpeas. Beginning with our seed sales and close collaboration with local producers, the Hinrichs Trading Company team carefully manages the complete chickpea production all the way through cleaning, packaging and shipping.

Applications & Recipes

Chickpeas have global appeal. Their use across a wide range of foods in the whole bean form, as freshly milled flour, or when blended with grains, offers a plant-based ingredient source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Chickpeas can also increase a product’s appeal to lifestyle diets with vegan and plant-based characteristics.

Our Locations & Reach

Our fully integrated supply chain works to ensure consistent processing and delivery of our chickpeas. Working with our teams in Washington and Montana, we offer truck, rail, and other delivery options to national and international food suppliers.


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