Foodservice Solutions: Culinary Trends & Inspiration

Category Marker New Products  |  June 14, 2021
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Consumer tastes are shifting towards new and unique menu options. Many are seeking foods that support on-trend lifestyle diets and deliver exceptional flavor, whether they’re dining indoors or ordering takeout. Face these trends head on and attract more customers while streamlining your menu with ingredients that are both eye-catching and versatile for multiple dishes.  


The growing importance of these dietary trends cannot be ignored. Lifestyle diets, plant- based, organic, and foods with a story are top-of-mind for consumers.  

How big are these dietary trends? Recent studies have found that roughly 40% of Americans are shifting to eating more plant-based foods*. On top of the growing interest for wholesome nutrition and variety, there is also increased demand for transparency, knowing the stories behind the people, animals, farms, and supply chain networks that support food organizations**. The need for a narrative behind your menu is essential, as the consumer passion for making more conscious decisions about what to eat based upon the benefits of the ingredients and their effects on the body only seem to be growing.  


Consumers’ interests in these lifestyle diets and trends offer new opportunities for your foodservice business.

Confronting the unknown of today’s market is challenging, but by tailoring your menu to appeal to these growing interests you can stay ahead of the curve through attracting new customers and encourage returning guests seeking modern eats.  

But where do you begin? Starting with the end goal and working backwards may be the best way to figure out what ingredients you can incorporate to create an irresistible menu. Want to easily tie in an ingredient that addresses the plant-forward and high protein trend? Quinoa could be your answer. Looking to escalate take-out sales with a gluten-free option? Try using our new Gluten-free 1-to-1 All Purpose and pizza flours to bring customers back for more.  


Harmonize your menu with consumers demand by adding robust ingredients, from gluten-free and plant-based options, to grains that appeal to sustainably oriented diners. 

The Ardent Mills team has been at the forefront of supporting new ingredients with innovative and unique grain-based solutions, and foodservice is no exception. As more customers are in search of menu items that work with plant-based diets, gluten-free needs, and foods with a story, Ardent Mills has been hard at work crafting options for restaurant operators across North America. These options are available in easy-to-use sizes, tie directly to consumer trends, and include grains and flours with a wide range of benefits and claims 


Ready to explore the options for boosting dietary trends in your restaurant? Explore the latest offerings and ingredients now.



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