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Quinoa is a small, light-colored, round seed with an unmistakably nutty, earthy flavor. And as the demand for high-quality plant-based ingredients continues to rise, quinoa’s popularity continues to rise with it. Ardent Mills is your single, trusted source for your quinoa applications. We offer organic South American quinoa and North American-grown quinoa that is traceable back to the source. You can count on us for consistent quality, working with growers to implement sustainable growing practices, stable and long-term supply.

Packaging options

  • 4lb pouch (5 per case)
  • 25 lb. bags
  • Tote & bulk

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Organic South American Quinoa

Indigenous to South America, where the Incas praised it as the "mother of all grains,” this quinoa is known for its lively flavor with a fluffy, soft crunch that’s perfect for a star role in side dishes and complements bars, bowls, artisan-style breads and more.

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North American Quinoa

Colorado Quinoa is a seed that offers comparable taste, color, size and cook volume to South American Quinoa. It is an exceptional alternative and supplement to imported white quinoa.

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