Ardent Mills offers a variety of refined and whole rye flours to satisfy any color or flavor preference. White rye flour is refined to remove bran and germ, delivering rye flavor with a light color. Medium and dark rye flours contain more bran than white rye flour, offering a darker color and stronger flavor for rye baked goods. Rye Meal Pumpernickel is whole rye flour often used in European breads that share its name, though it also works well in multigrain formulas.

  • Breads
  • Rolls
  • Buns

Product Formats

  • Flour
  • Chopped
  • Flaked
  • Dark Rye Flour
  • White Rye Flour
  • Rye Meal Pumpernickel Flours
  • Rye Chops
  • Rye Flakes


  • Ramsey® Medium Rye


  • 50 lb. Bag
  • Tote
  • Bulk
* Product availability subject to change and may be dependent on volumes. Contact your Ardent Mills representative for the most up-to date information.
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