Saskatoon Mill and Mix Facility

Est. 1927

Located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Ardent Mills Saskatoon facility is 100% supported by local producers. The Saskatoon mill continues to be a landmark with a “Robin Hood” neon sign located on the roof of the facility.

Contact this Facility

Saskatoon Mill and Mix Facility
95 33rd St. E
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 0R8


Number of Team Members: 125+

What Saskatoon Makes:

Saskatoon makes many different blends of flour that get used for various finished goods, including bread, buns, rolls, pizza, pastries, crackers and many other products. The Saskatoon facility has a capacity of:

  • 5.9 million kgs. of flour each day
  • More than 1 Million bags of flour per month

Where Does Saskatoon Get its Wheat?

The Saskatoon community mill helps bring top-quality flour to Canada and the United States. Saskatoon receives locally and regionally grown hard, soft, winter and durum wheat from many geographies, including fields primarily in the Saskatchewan providence.

Giving Back

The Ardent Mills Saskatoon team is active in the community and often partners with the local food shelf and in community development programs.

Serving makes the whole community a better place to live in. Healthy communities make for healthy people.

— Jarred Brown