Wichita Mill

Est. 1906

Located in Wichita, Kansas, the Ardent Mills Wichita facility is the fourth largest mill in the United States. Wichita also is the only facility in the United States to produce aleurone commercially.

Contact this Facility

Wichita Mill
715 E 13th St.
Wichita, KS 67214

Number of Team Members: 70+

What Wichita Makes:

Wichita makes many different blends of flour that get used for various finished goods, including bread, buns, rolls, pizza, cookies, crackers, tortillas and many other tasty snacks. The Wichita mill has a daily capacity of:

  • 2.8 Million lbs. of flour

Where Does Wichita Get its Wheat?

The Ardent Mills Wichita Facility receives locally and regionally grown hard winter wheat from many states, including Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Wheat is received from rail cars and trucks. The Wichita mill brings top-quality wheat to the Midwestern and southern regions of the United States.

Giving Back

The Ardent Mills Wichita team is active in the community and often partners with the local food bank.

It is important to serve the community, to allow others to think of how to grow and have a vision of the future.

— Ana Espinoza