Yuba City Facility

Est. 2015

Our facility located in Yuba City, California is a premier quinoa processing facility that sources, cleans, washes and packs retail, foodservice and bulk quinoa as well as other grains.

Contact this Facility

Yuba City Facility
1200 Putman Ave
Yuba City, CA 95991

530-790-0602 ext: #5

Number of Team Members: 35

What THE YUBA CITY Facility Produces:

The Yuba City facility specializes in the sourcing, cleaning and packing of quinoa and gluten-free ancient grains.

Where Does YUBA CITY get its Quinoa?

The Yuba City facility processes quinoa from both North and South American growers. Its organic quinoa is grown by smallholder farms in Bolivia's highland plateau. Its premium North American quinoa grows on the Colorado Rockies.