Unlocking Innovation Through Supplier Collaboration

Category Marker Community / Leadership  |  October 09, 2023
Unlocking Innovation Through Supplier Collaboration - Image

If we had to summarize the key to CPG success today in one word, that word would be “innovation.”

Why “innovation”? Because it’s the secret to long-lasting resilience for a brand.

Why such a pronounced emphasis on innovation?

Take a look at what we’re seeing today: Sector and macroeconomic pressures loom large. Brands are increasing MAP/MSRP to continue to protect profits amid inflation, leaving both retailers and consumers more intolerant to price increases than they’ve been in a long time.

A brand that doesn’t get innovation right — right now — is likely feeling trapped between struggling to maintain brand loyalty and relying on near-constant promotions to move product. Rock, meet hard place.

As a leading supplier and partner to top CPG brands in the industry, Ardent Mills wants to talk about what your supplier should be delivering to you today and tomorrow. And it starts with a few simple questions:

Is your supplier initiating a conversation about innovation?

Are they providing data relative to consumer expectations that could guide innovation strategy?

Have they introduced you to ingredient and product solutions that could help with your innovation strategy?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” keep reading.


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