Ardent Mills Reminds Home Bakers to Be Safe When Using Flour

Category Marker Press Releases  |  December 09, 2019
Ardent Mills Reminds Home Bakers to Be Safe When Using Flour - Image

November 25, 2019 – Denver, COArdent Mills, the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, is a strong advocate for food safety. From farmers to millers to home bakers, it is important to understand the science behind food safety and why it matters. As we enter the full swing of the holiday baking season, here are a few things for home bakers to apply.

  1. Flour is a raw ingredient and should always be cooked, baked or fried before being consumed. Consider flour in a similar way to other raw food ingredients or food products that require full-cooking or proper washing.
  2. Different baked items require different at-center temperatures. The higher the moisture content, the lower the temperature required (cheesecake would be an example). As the moisture level goes down, the temperature must be higher to render any bacteria in the raw ingredient harmless. Follow directions closely or look up what temperature is necessary for safe consumption.
  3. Food thermometers are affordable, offer near-instant results, and a great tool to have in the kitchen.
  4. Raw flour should never be consumed. Bake those cookies and don’t lick the beaters!
  5. There are excellent resources at your fingertips such as the Home Baking Association’s site (including recipes and more): The North American Milling Association has also created a suite of materials perfect for educating others about Flour Food Safety.

“Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, so keeping everyone healthy is a priority,” said Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills. “We take food safety education seriously and hope to spread messages far and wide that safe handling is important.”   

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