Ardent Mills Introduces Mixed Reality Solution Built with Microsoft HoloLens 2 Technology

Category Marker Press Releases  |  July 07, 2021
Ardent Mills Introduces Mixed Reality Solution Built with Microsoft HoloLens 2 Technology  - Image

DENVER – July 7, 2021 – Ardent Mills, the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, today announced the implementation of Ardent Mills Assist in its facilities across North America. The ready-to-go mixed reality solution, built using Microsoft HoloLens 2 technology, allows Ardent Mills experts to quickly and remotely consult with customers, and increase speed to resolution. 

“Ardent Mills Assist with HoloLens 2 technology provides a totally new, rapid and fresh way to interact with our customers,” said Kent Juliot, VP-Research, Quality, and Technical Services, Ardent Mills. “Users benefit from quick problem resolution, a new perspective and a deeper, more immediate understanding of the work. This is a powerful way to collaborate, and we’re excited to expand the use with customers, as well as internal opportunities.” 

Piloted successfully throughout the pandemic, Ardent Mills Assist is a custom-built, turnkey solution for Ardent Mills customers. It is built to use HoloLens 2 as the underlying platform with a unique application and packaging designed to be completely intuitive. With this technology, Ardent Mills technical experts and customers can gain insights through immersive visualization into planned work, potential risks and safety requirements. The ready-to-go solution is easy to use, helps reduce expenses and can increase speed to resolution. HoloLens 2 is an untethered mixed reality device with apps and solutions designed to enhance collaboration, team connections and innovate with purpose.  

“We are pleased to see the measured impact mixed reality and digital transformation has had for the Ardent Mills team,” said Tracy Galloway, Corporate Vice President & COO at Microsoft. “Beyond successfully pivoting and opening new ways to deliver for their customers, Ardent Mills continues to drive an accelerated pace of technology adoption. We are happy to support the entire Ardent Mills organization through our ongoing technology collaboration.” 

Ardent Mills will continue to implement Ardent Mills Assist within its technical service team. Currently, it is available to select customers with plans for continued growth as the program progresses. To learn more about how Ardent Mills is implementing innovative solutions, please visit 


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