Ardent Mills Furthers Commitment to Emerging Nutrition with Expansion of Innovation Centers

Category Marker Press Releases  |  April 11, 2024
Ardent Mills Furthers Commitment to Emerging Nutrition with Expansion of Innovation Centers  - Image

DENVER – April 11, 2024 - Ardent Mills, the premier flour milling and ingredient company, has expanded the footprint of its Ardent Mills Innovation Center (AMIC) with a location in Pullman, Washington. The state-of-the-art facility, which exists alongside Ardent Mills’ other three AMICs in Denver, Portland and Saskatoon, will serve as an R&D analytical lab and experimental mill focused on alternative grains. By investing in the Pullman innovation center, Ardent Mills is further proving its commitment to purpose-powered innovation that helps expand its Emerging Nutrition offerings and capabilities.  

“The Pullman innovation center further positions our R&D team at the forefront of pulse innovation within the milling industry,” says Angela Ichwan, senior director of R&D at Ardent Mills. “The experimental milling and ingredient characterization work we do here is focused on finding new applications for specific grains and gaining a deeper knowledgebase of their unique value so that we can assist customers in developing exceptional products that continue to move food forward.”  

At the Pullman innovation center, Ardent Mills is utilizing innovative technology to uncover compelling genetic solutions for pulses and alternative grains, particularly chickpeas. Through plant breeding, the Ardent Mills R&D team aims to develop new varieties of specific crops to achieve nutritional and functional characteristics that provide value to its customers.  

“Chickpea research and innovation is a core focus of our work at the Pullman innovation center,” says Julianne Kellogg, genetics and ingredients manager at Ardent Mills. “An important crop within the region, we are collaborating with local farmers, university researchers, and independent agronomists to tap the potential of this nutritious and delicious pulse, so we help our customers deliver differentiated products and consumers can enjoy them to the fullest.”  

The genetic research and advancements undertaken at the Pullman innovation center will directly benefit Ardent Mills’ customers by expanding the company’s solution-focused offerings. You can learn more about the network of Ardent Mills Innovation Centers here. 


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