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Innovation Centers

Innovation Centers

Our state-of-the-art network of Ardent Mills Innovation Centers (AMIC) allows you to work with our hands-on, cross-functional team of chefs, R&D experts and food scientists to develop, analyze and test the latest ingredients and applications from traditional wheat to emerging alternative grains. Explore our innovation facilities:

DenverThis is the central hub of the Ardent Mills R&D and Innovation efforts and many of our Quality Assurance experts. Here we test and analyze our flours and grains to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

PortlandSitting within Ardent Mills Bakery Resources, this facility focuses on pan breads, particularly high-inclusion breads. The R&D experts here rapidly innovate from bench to scaled production.

PullmanThis is where our food scientists focus on and analyze alternative grain innovations like chickpeas and other pulses. Our experts here also specialize in ingredient research and the evaluation of plant breeding program material.

SaskatoonThe expert culinary team here develops ingredient innovations and customer-specific prototypes for our Canadian market.

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