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Ardent Mills' Food Safety & Quality

Ardent Mills is committed to nourishing what's next by ensuring food safety through diligence in all that we do, from Product Development, Procurement, Production, Supply Chain to Transportation systems, delivering safe, quality food to our customers.


  • We will proactively lead in food safety and defense through the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of robust food safety standards.
  • We will communicate and serve our employees through effective training to flawlessly execute on our food safety requirements in all activities.
  • We will communicate and serve our communities by partnering with our customers, suppliers, and service providers to promote best practices in food safety for the enhancement of human and animal health.
  • We will ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of our food through the diligent selection of suppliers and service providers that meet our food safety requirements.
  • We will comply with all applicable international, federal, state, and local laws and regulations, as well as industry leading food safety standards.


The documents on this page are applicable to the products that have Safety Data Sheets listed below.  These documents are intended for current and prospective new customers of Ardent Mills.  Recipients are asked not to distribute or duplicate the information.  The information herein is believed to be true and accurate at the time of publication and are valid for 3 years after the date stated. It is not, and should not, be construed as, a guarantee or warranty nor part of Ardent Mills' contractual or other legal obligations. 


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Food Safety & Quality Answerraire

The Ardent Mills Food Safety & Quality Answerraire is a robust document that provides information to answer questionnaires, surveys, and forms that may be required as part of your supplier review process.  We ask that you review and use this document before reaching out for further information.  Please note that this document is intended to cover Ardent Mills wheat and gluten containing facilities within the United States that produce flour products (e.g., wheat flour, rye flour, barley flour).

Food Safety & Quality Answerraire


Safety Data Sheets

Ancient Grain Milled Seed Products Milled Rye Products Wheat
Barley & Sustagrain Flour Products Milled Spelt Flour Wheat Bran
Chickpea Flour Milled Wheat Flour Wheat Middlings
Durum Flour Milled Wheat Products Whole Wheat Flour
Farina  Milled Whole Wheat Spelt Flour  
GrainWise Wheat Aleurone Potato Flour  
Milled Oat Flour Semolina  

Quality & Regulatory Documents

Advisory on Allergens - All Facilities Food Fraud and Vulnerability Assessment Statement Melamine Statement
Bioengineering Disclosure Statement Food Safety & HACCP/HARPC Plan Statement Mycotoxin, Pesticide and Heavy Metal Statement - Gluten Free Products
Bioterrorism Preparedness and FSMA Statement Food Safety & HACCP Plan Flow Chart Natural Status Statement
BSE/TSE Statement Food Safety & HACCP Plan Flow Chart - Harvey Non-Animal Testing & Vegetarian/Vegan Statement
Business Continuity Statement Food Safety & HACCP Plan Flow Chart - Pullman & Steptoe Non-GMO Statement
California Prop 65 Statement Food Safety & HACCP Plan Flow Chart - Yuba City Packaged Product Label and Lot Code Explanation
Certificate of Analysis (COA) Example Foreign Material Control Technical Bulletin Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO) Statement
Certificate of Analysis (COA) Example - Harvey Foreign Material Control Technical Bulletin - Pullman & Steptoe Pest Control Preventative Action Plan
Certificate of Analysis (COA) Example - Pullman & Steptoe Foreign Material Control Technical Bulletin - Yuba City Pest Control Preventative Action Plan - Pullman, Steptoe & Yuba City
Certificate of Insurance Foreign Supplier Verification Program Statement Pesticide Screening and Heavy Metal Compounds Review Program Statement
Code of Conduct FSMA Preventative Controls Statement Radiological Hazards Statement
Country of Origin Statement Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Statement Sewer Sludge Statement
Environmental Monitoring Program Statement Gluten Statement Sifting Summary Statement
Environmental Social Governance Report GMP and Food Safety & HACCP Statement Supplier Review Process Statement
Flour Bulk Lot Number Explanation Halal Suitability Statement Traceability and Recall Statement
Food Defense Statement Irradiation Statement  


Gluten Free Certificates

Harvey, ND
Yuba City, CA


Kosher Certificates

Gluten Containing U.S. Products
Gluten Free U.S. Products
Gluten Free - Yuba City, CA
Montreal, Canada
Saskatoon Mill, Canada
Saskatoon Mix, Canada
Streetsville, Canada


Organic Certificates

Alton, IL Mount Pocono, PA Stockton, CA
Commerce City, CO Newton, KS Tualatin, OR (AMBR)
Denver, CO Ogden, UT Yuba City, CA
Harvey, ND Omaha (South), NE Anniversary Date / Expiration Date Explanation
Klamath Falls, OR Saskatoon, SK Strengthening Organic Enforcement
Mankato, MN Shelby, MT  
Martins Creek, PA Steptoe, WA  

GFSI Audit Certificates

Albany, NY Harvey, ND Port Redwing, FL
Alton, IL  Hastings, MN Puerto Rico
Arlington, OR Kenosha, WI Pullman, WA
Ayer, MA  Lake City, MN  Saginaw, TX
Chattanooga, TN Mankato, MN  San Bernardino, CA
Chester, IL  Martins Creek, PA  Saskatoon, SK
Colton, CA  Mississauga, ON Sherman, TX 
Columbus, OH  Montreal, QC Stockton, CA
Commerce City, CO  Mount Pocono, PA  Tualatin, OR
Culpeper, VA  Newton, KS Wichita, KS
Decatur, AL Ogden, UT York, PA 
Denver, CO Omaha North, NE Yuba City, CA
Fairmount, ND Omaha South, NE  
Galena Park, TX Port Allen, LA