Detroit style

Detroit-style pizza has an airy Sicilian-style crust and is baked in a rectangular pan. The dough is traditionally gently uniformly poked or indented and then topped with brick cheese and finished with two strips of tomato sauce as a salut to the two rivers of Detroit. An extra layer of cheese is sprinkled around the edge that creates a crispy, golden-brown border when the pizza is baked.

Best Flours for your Detroit Style Pizza:
Minnesota Girl® Bakers Flour

Consistent performance in a wide range of pizza applications defines this mid-protein (11.8%) flour, backed by good extensibility and handling characteristic. The lower protein gives the crust flavor and a soft, hearth bread-like bite.

Protein: 11.5-12.1% Ash: 0.5 Moisture: 14.3% max
Pack sizes:
50 lb. bag

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