Nourishing today’s lifestyles

The plant-forward mindset of today’s consumers

The plant-based market is trending and expected to continue to grow because of consumer preferences, including

  • Supporting personalized health
  • Seeking unique, premium flavors
  • A desire to eat less animal protein
38% of U.S. consumers report trying to consume protein from plant sources
Source: IFIC
39% of consumers said plant-based alternatives should be available everywhere
Source: Datassentials, 2021
40% of U.S. consumers prefer a combination of different protein sources
Source: Healthfocus International
Plant-based foods are growing
Category Sales (2020) % Growth (past year)
Meat Alternatives $1.4B 43.3%
Frozen Meals $520M 28.5%
Protein Powder $292M 9.6%

Source: 52-WEEK Calendar year ending December 27, 2020. Row data commissioned from SPINS powered by IRI and coded by PBFA and GFI.