Innovation Center

This state-of-the-art customer collaboration facility was designed to drive product development, grain quality and culinary creativity. It features multiple components that contribute to innovation and quality. Customers are invited to come see where the magic happens:

  • The Analytical Lab is where Ardent Mills' experts conduct wet chemistry and dough rheology testing to ensure that customers are getting consistent flour on a day-to-day basis.
  • The Bake Lab is also dedicated to assessing quality and consistency, as well as to experimenting with the baking process. This facility is filled with ovens for specific applications, from pizzas to tortillas to hearth breads.
  • The Culinary Center is where our culinary team, which consists of an executive chef and food scientists, works with customers to develop innovative concepts and create ingredient applications.
  • The R&D Applications Lab provides the setting, resources and expertise for working side-by-side with customers to innovate for commercial product development.
  • The Flour Research Room showcases our small-scale milling equipment used to get ahead of new crop transition and experiment with new grains

Ardent Mills also offers the Mobile Innovation Center, which brings innovation right to customers’ doors. This converted race car hauler features a full kitchen and bakery, as well as a multipurpose meeting space. The Mobile Innovation Center tours the country, stopping by our facilities and our customers’ headquarters for on-site culinary creativity, hands-on education and interactive R&D support.

We enjoy hosting educational opportunities for our customers at the Ardent Mills Innovation Center and the Mobile Innovation Center.

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