Branding Overview & Logo Request

We chose the name Ardent Mills because the word “ardent” communicates passion and intense devotion—attributes at the very heart of our company. “Ardent” clearly expresses our passion for providing innovative, new products, services and solutions and our unwavering commitment to helping customers grow their businesses.

The basic shape of the Ardent Mills logo was inspired by the silhouette of a kernel of wheat. A vertical “arrow” was incorporated in the center to represent the progressiveness of our new company. The design features three “pieces” that represent our joint venture parent companies coming together to form a cohesive unit. We used warm colors because, like the company’s name, they are passionate, energetic, inviting, earthy and natural, tying back to the ingredients produced at our community mills.

When space allows, it is preferable to use the horizontal orientation of the Ardent Mills logo.

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